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The Ultimate list of books worth reading.
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 Current Book
Atomic Habits
by: James Clear

Big changes start small

The School of Greatness
Atomic Habits by James Clear

To live your best life you need have great habits and be able to visualize where you are going and why you want to go there. 

Each chapter of this book give you ideas, tips, and habits that will help you become one of the greats.
 Current Book

Why Do We Need Nature?
Because everything is connected.

The Nature of Nature
by: Enric Sala
Why do we need nature?

We need nature. We need the wild. 
Why? Because everything is connected.

This book is a crash course in ecology for those who don't know much about how nature provides us with food, clean water, clean air and resources.

It is also a great reminder for those of us who already have studied ecology and think we don't need a refresher. Reviewing the foundations of a topic is a good thing. It reinforces what we know and brings to light other details we may have missed the first time.

In this book, Enric Sala will teach you how to nature works together and why we need it.

Everything from why diversity is important, how succession is vital, and the economic benefits of protected areas is covered in this easy to read book.

No matter HOW MUCH or HOW LITTLE you know about natural systems you'll get a lot out of The Nature of Nature.

To UNDERSTAND this book:

  • You don't need an ecology/science/forestry/environmental degree.
  • ​You don't need to know what ecology is.
  • You don't need to know any scientific terms.

   All you need is to be wanting to learn how amazing our world is
and how every part works together.

all things business and marketing
DotCom Secrets
By Russel Brunson
Dotcom Secrets is the first book in the Secrets Trilogy.

In this book, Russell Brunson teaches the sales and marketing processes to get, keep and continue to serve your clients.

It'a all explained in simple, straight forward language. No need for a business degree to understand the concepts in the book.

One massive bonus in the book is he gives the exact scripts to use. And clearly explains when, why, and how to use them.
Expert Secrets
By Russel Brunson
Expert Secrets is the second book in the Secrets Trilogy.

Inside, Russell Brunson explains in more detail about how to master communication and how to show your expertise to your followers

IF you are an introvert and want to learn to better communicate, this is your book. Follow the scripts they are the exact methods Russell uses.

There is a massive amount of gold in the Secrets Trilogy. I think it's worth more than going back to university for the MBA I thought about doing before I found this book.
Traffic Secrets
By Russel Brunson
Traffic Secrets is the final book in the Secrets Trilogy. 

In this book, Russell Brunson goes through the art and science of the traffic getting methods that will always work

The strategies for getting attention on you and your products in this book are designed to work no matter if social media changes or what platform you use.

The strategies are proven and have been used by many successful entrepreneurs, not just by Russell. 
IF you are willing to do the work. The secrets inside of any (or all) of the Secrets Trilogy will change your life and business for the better no matter what you do or sell.
The Greatness Guide to Entrepreneurship
by Lewis Howes

A FREE e-book for entrepreneurs
[and everyone else] who wants to be successful in their life.

The Greatness Guide to Entrepreneurship is a collection of interview parts that Lewis Howes did with 11 different successful entrepreneurs. Including: Gary Vaynerchuk, Barbara Corcoran, Daymond John, Darren Hardy, Simon Sinek, Than Merrill, Tim Ferris, Sara Blakely, Jay Abraham, Chris Ducker, and Grant Cardone.

This e-book is small in size but HUGE in advice. 

There is advice on mindset, skills, starting and growing, and styles of entrepreneurship that will help you build a strong foundation and to continue to grow your business, vision and legacy. Even if you are not an entrepreneur you can get ideas from this e-book as well.

Don't just take time to read it but take notes, highlight it, and take what you learn and put it into action.

 Conservation and Environment books
Nature of Nature
by Enric Sala

A must read.

Why we need the wild.

Every thing in life is connected. Every plant and animal supports part of the ecosystem we call Earth.

Nature of Nature is a great book that explains how nature is connected together and supports the needs of every living thing on Earth.

It is my recommended starting point for anyone who wants to learn about how ecosystems work and ecology. I also recommend it as a great review for those of us who do have a strong knowledge base about environmental processes.

This book is easy to read. The concepts inside of it are simply explained and have stories to explain them all.

Edited by Paul Hawken

The Blueprint for stoping global warming.

Drawdown is the results of a massive study on the costs and benefits of 80 different methods to reverse global warming.

The 80 methods include everything from energy production, natural resources, land use, oceans and fresh water, food, wetlands, to the education of girls.

Each solution is ranked by effectiveness based on cost and benefit to earth if the methods is implemented by 2050. Three factors go into each ranking: Gigatons of Reduced Carbon Dioxide, Net Cost and Net Savings.

Drawdown shows how we can change and prevent the worst case climate models from becoming reality. Humans are resilient and this book is a book of ideas and hope for a better future if everyone is willing to do what they can.
Our Planet
by Alastair Fothergill and Keith Scholey

Our Planet.

Our Planet is the book compliment to Netflix's Our Planet series.

Whether you have seen the Netflix series or not, this book stands on its own.

There is information on every ecosystem covered on the show. It's not a re-hash of the show. It has more in depth information on the topics covered in the Netflix series.

From our oceans to forests to grasslands, every ecosystem plays a role. Our Planet gives many examples of where when we gave nature a chance to restore its self it has.

We can live with in a world where all ecosystems can thrive. We need nature just as much as nature needs us to give it some space and understanding to restore its self.

Endangered Spaces
by Alastair Fothergill and Keith Scholey

This Book is My Why.

I found Endangered Spaces in my paternal grandparents' basement in August 2018. At first I thought it was a book that had been published within the last few years because the content within it was relevant to today. 

It wasn't until I was a chapter in when I looked at the publication date. ---- 1989. And then tucked behind the inside flap of the book jacket was the Christmas present label to my Grandfather from my uncle for Christmas of 1989.

It was published in 1989 and is still relevant today.
That is the problem. 

There are many problems in Canada and world that could be solved, like clean water, if we want to change. But we don't.

As far as I know Endangered Spaces is out of print.
 If you can find a copy it is worth it.
Even as proof to yourself that nothing has changed.

 PErsonal Development
Think Like A Monk
by Jay Shetty
Think Like A Monk. Train your mind for peace and purpose everyday. 

Jay Shetty spent three years as a monk.  After he left his life as a monk, he decided to start sharing what he learned as a monk with the world through speaking, videos, and his podcast - On Purpose. 

In Think Like A Monk, Jay Shetty teaches us how to learn to take control of our minds. So we can both manage our thoughts and reactions in the good times and in the bad days. No one is immune to the bad, some people have learned to control their reactions. That is what this book will help you learn.

Jay Shetty includes advice and tips to implement what he teaches in the book. Along with useful chants and meditations monks use.

Your mind controls everything. With Think Like A Monk you can learn to control your thought process, how to use your fears for good, the importance of gratitude and a lot more. 
The 10X Rule
by Grant Cardone
The 10X Rule is the best rule for setting and working towards all goals in your life.

Inside the book you'll learn the mindset successful people have with their goals. How fear is to be used as fuel not an anchor. How you can create massive levels of happiness and accomplishment in all areas of your life.

In this book you'll get Grant Cardone's 32 habits successful people have. These habits are what makes success a long-term skill not a flash-in-the-pan short-term result. Developing these habits will not guarantee your success but will make it simpler to gain.

The 10X Rule is not just for business or professional growth, it is for all areas of your life. Where ever you have a goal you need to use The 10X Rule.


Take control of your destiny and start  building your legacy.

The School of Greatness
The School of Greatness
by Lewis Howes

Stop being average.

The School of Greatness is Lewis Howes' podcast. One of the most popular podcasts being produced today.

At first you might think that this book is a collection of interviews by Lewis Howes transcribed into a story. But it is not. Lewis uses stories from interviews within his book to explain concepts and ideas. Along with lessons and habits he does to help him succeed. Like framing his current goal with the date he'll achieve. 

Becoming successful at life and work means you must know where you are going and to take care of your mind and body. This book will give you advice on how to create your vision for your future and tips on how you can take better care of yourself.

To live your best life you need have great habits and be able to visualize where you are going and why you want to go there. 

Each chapter of this book give you ideas, tips, and habits that will help you become one of the greats.
 one Part Memoir and one part success path (Aka Autobiographies and biographies)
Green Lights
by Matthew McConaughey
Green Lights is Matthew McConaughey's story (so far). This book is not just an autobiography. It's firmly in the zone between memory and advise for readers who are searching for the map to their success.

In Green Lights, he goes through his life with words that don't just tell the stories but allow you to live them.

Throughout his life, Matthew kept journals and wrote poetry and quick reminders to himself on scrap paper. Some of which are now included in Green Lights. These were his inspiration for writing Green Lights.

Matthew tells the stories of the hard times (the red lights) and good times (the green lights) in his life. His words are vivid imagery. Sharing the moments where he was searching for what is next. He tells the story of the summer he built his tree house and the middle of the night. He describes the lessons he learned when he was starting his acting career and changing from only doing rom-coms to projects that challenge him. As well as numerous other life lessons.

What did I get out of Green Lights? I got the concept of Green Lights. No matter the situation find the opportunity it can bring you. 

Not everyday will be perfect. I will make mistakes. But I must learn the lesson and move on the next set of lights. Not let that one red light hold me back. This book is a book to remind all readers that life is meant to be lived.
My Book [wish] list
Personal Development And Success Path
  • High Performance Habits by Brendon Burchard
  • 5-Second Rule by Mel Robbins
  • Atomic Habits by James Clear
Conservation and Environment
  • Under a White Sky by Elizabeth Kolbert
  • Wilding by Isabella Tree
    Personal Finance
    • Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill
    • Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert T. Kiyosaki
    • The Latte Factor by David Bach and John David Mann
    Other Interests
    • Collapse by Jared Diamond
    Friendly Reminder

    Nothing will change in your life if you do not get to work.

    Put the tips, secrets, and advice you learn to work. Not everything will work for you but unless you begin trying a lot of things nothing will change.

    Always Be Learning

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