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I'm a conservation enthusiast, self-education addict, detail-oriented problem-solver, keep it simple activist, and a realist, funnel hacking, Canadian East Coast girl, a fidgeter with a thousand of ideas at anytime, a dog lover, and a forever in your corner sister just trying to earn my CrazyAunt mug. 

 My 7-Step Plan To Go From Broke To Living The Life I Want.


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Step 1. Recognize I am a lot of things. So are You.

When I started to write this 7-step plan, I decided to write down everything that I am. On one side of the paper was all the good things and on the other was all of the bad.

As I wrote out the list I realized I am a lot of things. And taught myself a lesson.

I noticed that for the last five years I've focused on what I am not. Most of those "I am not" labels came from all of the "keeping up with the Joneses" situations that my Facebook feed creates.

What would happen if I choose to only focus on the good labels? What will happen if I choose to not allow myself to quit because of I told myself I am a failure. No one else told me that - I did. And then I accepted it and started acting like it.

What will happen if I choose to only focus on me good labels. My prediction is a lot of amazing things will happen.

I have decided to stop living the I am not labels and only live the I am labels

Some of what I am:

I am a conservation enthusiast. The world is full of wonders. This world is a piece of art and yet we treat it horribly. Yes, we need shelter, transportation, food and communication. We need our natural resources but we need to start using them smarter. Why? Because they give us virtually everything we need to live for free. (Want to know more about how our the wild helps us read The Nature of Nature by Enric Sala.)

I am a detail-oriented problem solver. That is why I can do a 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle in 3-days. I look for patterns that no one else looks for. Instead of looking for any red piece. I look for a red piece with a little bit of green with a long narrow middle section.

I do and forever will put my family and my dogs first. If I am able to be there I will be there. If they are in need of help I will help. I may not have a lot to say but I will be there. My dogs are the best humans I know. If you have a dog, you'll understand that. If you don't understand; don't worry.

I am a lot of things. I am good at many things. I am amazing at a few unique things.

I am now only focusing on my good labels. I am forgetting the keeping up to the Jones' labels and the negative ones. 
Only I can choose my labels. Others can try, but I get the final say.
What to do to finish this step: Make a list of all the positive things you are, the crazy and weird things you can do, everything you are good at and enjoy doing. Forget about the bad ones.

Step 2. Find the Opportunities

Everyday we are given a gift of new opportunities.

There are three options for each opportunity:
  • Pass. This is not for me.
  • Maybe. But not today.
  • Thank You. Let's get to work.
Have you ever noticed that some opportunities we said "Pass" to keep coming back? Those opportunities are kinda like a mosquito at night. It's loud, it's annoying, and keeps coming back. Maybe that Mosquito Opportunity is the one thing we should be doing

In the Fall of 2017, I first heard of "affiliate marketing". At the time I didn't think much of it because I thought I was one job application away from my job. I moved on. I used my "Pass" option.

In April 2020, I was reminded of affiliate marketing after going through ClickFunnels' One Funnel Away Challenge. I had an idea for a product to sell but I really wasn't interested in it myself which is why I was finding it hard finish far enough to start selling. That is when affiliate marketing came back to me again as ClickFunnel's Affiliate Bootcamp program. This time I choose to start considering affiliate marketing as a way to increase my monthly income, to learn new skills, and as a way to figure out what I am passionate about enough to sell (read my One Funnel Away Story Here).

I have other opportunities too. I have a growing interest in real estate and architecture. I am investing more time into learning about passive home design. I like to hike. I like to learn about conservation and environmental management projects. I got into refurbishing furniture last spring. I have a strong interest in personal development and growth. I thrive in the search for patterns and trends to find opportunities. And there's a whole lot more.

Every day, I get a choice. I can acknowledge my Mosquito Opportunity and do something that will move me closer to the life I want. Or I can trying to ignore that Mosquito Opportunity. That Mosquito Opportunity for me is Affiliate Marketing. It just might be the risk and challenge I need to move myself one step closer to the life I want.
We all have endless opportunities but we can't do them all.
What to do to finish this step: Find the opportunity that keeps coming back to you no matter how many times you say no and own it.
Read more about this step on Medium for free here.

Step 3. Write a Letter to your biggest fear.

On January 1st, 2021, I made a purchase.

A purchase I thought I would never make.

I purchased a membership to a brand new program called: GrowthDay. A membership based community for personal growth and development.

One week into the first month of live training, GrowthDay already paid for itself.

"Write a letter to your fears." - Dave Hollis on GrowthDay

All of February's training was on confidence. What does writing a letter to your fear have to do with your confidence? It helps you it let go of it. You realize what fears are real, why, and how to deal with them.

Everything you have ever wanted is on the other side of fear. Fear of the unknown, fear of failure, fear of embarrassment, fear of success, fear of disappointing, fear of change, fear of making the wrong choice. Fear stops us from doing something that could be the next step to our lives.

Dave Hollis explained in his training on confidence that many of our fears are not real. They are made up in our own minds. We create stories of what might happen. Those stories paralyze us even though that situation will more than likely never happen.

All fears fall into one of two groups:
  • Fake Fears. Fake fears our the ones we make up in our minds. We have to realize that they are fake and not focus on them.
  • ​Real Fears. Real fears are situations that if they happen we (or those we care about) can be harmed. We can plan for those situations so when they happen we know how to respond.
By writing a letter to your fear, you will bring to light how this fear is holding you hostage. By writing a letter to your fears you can figure out what is you are afraid of exactly and ways that you can plan for and conquer your fear. The best treatment for fear is to have a plan to attack it with. Will you still be scared when your fear happens? Yes. But with planning you'll be able to face it confidently. 

I have three big fears that hold me back: Fear of Failure. Fear of Vulnerability, and Fear of Success. I don't know why I am allowing failure, vulnerability and success hold me back so much, because I have already survived everything that has ever scared me so far.
"A ship in harbour is safe, but that is not what ships are built for." - John A. Shedd
What to do to finish this step: 
Realize which fears are real and how you can plan for them. 
Write a letter - or letters - to your biggest fears. 
My Letter to My Fear of Failure: here
My Letter to My Fear of Vulnerability: here
My Letter to My Fear of Success: here

Step 4. What Do You Want?

**Where I am Right Now**

Decide what you want in life. Write it down. Put it up on a wall. For bonus points write it directly onto the wall with a permanent marker.

Our opportunities are like a restaurant menu that has 50+ choices and the ability to customize any dish. The problem is that within minutes of arriving at a restaurant you have to choose what you want to eat.

Yes making a choice is 1. scary 2. overwhelming. 3. doubt creating 4. exiting

Pick ONE massive thing to work towards. Just don't choose something you can easily reach. Then take that ONE goal then 10X it. Make it massive. Set yourself up to fail.

Your goal can be an accomplishment:

  • Have 100  10,000 followers on your favourite social media platform by the end of the year.
  • Do 15-minutes 30-minutes of exercise everyday within the next year six-months.
  • 1 quality blog post a month. 10 quality blog post per month by the end of the year.
  • ​Double your current monthly income by the end of the year. 10X your monthly income by the end of the year.

Or your goal can be an award:

  • 1 Two Comma Club Award within one year.
  • 1 Dream Car Award by the end of the year.
  • Win two affiliate competitions by the end of the year.
  • ​Top ________ of 2021

What is the one thing you are going to do?
Write it down. (Bonus points if you write it on the wall with a permanent marker.)

What are your fears with that goal? Write them down.
What do you think you need to learn? Write it down.
What do you know you need to learn? Write it down.
What are the minimal tools you need to achieve it? Write it down.
How do you keep yourself accountable? Write it down.
What do you have to give up? Write it down.
What is the cost of not doing it? Write it down.

Question #1: What is the first thing you know you need to do? 
Answer: The first thing is to figure out what the 5 Major Moves are to achieving your goal.

Break your goal down into 5 Major Moves (if you are a GrowthDay Member, Brendon Burchard has training on this).

Assign smaller actions to those major moves. Here's the biggest misconception to planning your moves. That are not their own levels that have to be completed before starting the next. They can overlap.

By writing your goal down with everything you need to do to reach it will bring it into to perspective. Breaking it down into smaller milestones you know you can reach will help reduce your fears and doubts. Even if all you can come up with right now is the first two of the 5 major moves, start working.

Document the journey. Share the journey. Every single day. 

By sharing you are supporting someone else to do what you are doing. Inspire by sharing.

Don't just show the good days. Show the bad days.

Explain what you learned and how you still showed up on the bad days and the good days. Even if no one is watching you today. 

Do not document for the fame you can gain from social media but for the remembering where you have been and for the one person out there who needs to see your journey.
Choose ONE destination. Start working to get there. Daily.
What to do to finish this step: Figure out what you think you know, what you know you need to learn, and what the minimal tools you need to get to your goal are.

Step 5. Just In Time Learning

I learned the concept of Just In Time Learning from Steve Larsen. I did not hear it from him just one time, but three, four, five times so far. And I bet I will need to hear it again.

What is Just In Time Learning? It is the concept of only learning what I need to know for the next step directly in front of me. If I am on step 1, I only need to learn what I need for step 2. I do not need to worry about what is on step 88.

There is one problem. 

I cannot be 100% blind to where I am going. I still need the 30,000 foot view. I need to know what to expect. I need to recognize what "might" happen on step 88. 

90% of my attention needs to be on step 2 while 10% of my attention is on the 30,000 foot view of where I am planning on going.

Just In Time Learning is one way to control the fears of what you are going to have to do to get to your destination. Planning and only focusing on what is right in front of you will reduce fears. 

Just In Time Learning is simply another way to say One Step At A Time. 
Forget having it all figured out. That plan won't work anyways.
What to do to finish this step: Do some homework. Find a 30,000 foot view for what you want to do. Remember significant and sustainable success will not happen over night. Focus on the step in front of you and recognize the steps not nearby yet.

Step 6. Inaction is not acceptable.

Keep fighting even when you're ready to stop. Especially when you start doubting yourself. 

When something gets difficult. We have a choice:
  • Give up and go watch Netflix
  • ​Fight for it like your life depends on it . Don't give up. You can either go around it, over it, or under it.
It is time to get hard on yourself. Change your "to-do list" to a "must do list". Make posting on social media, writing, reading, making your bed, flossing your teeth a must. Make those things a red-hot priority. Not a list you where you can change "Monday" to "Tuesday".

Give your self a "Not to-do list". Stop doing the things you know hold you back. Or use this list as the opposite of the Must Do List. Saying I must post on Instagram is the same as saying I must not not post on instagram.

Start journalling. Develop a set of questions to ask yourself everyday, every week, and once a month. 
Where do you want to go? Why?
What did you accomplish this week towards getting there?
What did you mess up? What did you learn?
What situation might (or did) trip you up or stress you today/this week?
What do you need to do this coming week?
What tools or skills do you need to do it?
What situation either inspired you or stressed you today? Why?

Keep trying, keep posting, keep writing, keep reading, keep sharing because you do not know what will hit and what will miss. Every time you share something you created you get better at creating and sharing. You can always ask for help and we all need to take breaks but those breaks can't stop us.
You are the only person who can stop letting yourself quit.
What to do to finish this step: Be super clear: who do I want to be in one year and five years from now? What do I want to be about? What do I want to do? What do I want to accomplish
What do I want to achieve
[Be, Do, Accomplish, Achieve]. 
Write it down and carry it with you every where you go.

Step 7. Life Is Not A Movie. There Is No Fixed Ending.

Everyone falls down. Then we have a choice: stand back up or stay down.

If you don't like the way you are going. Take the next turn. Change. Move. Do something

Find a proven path to use as a shortcut. Watch what others are ahead of you are doing and not doing. Ask questions. Use their actions, colours, layouts as a model for what you do. Don't waste time trying to do what they say did not work for them. You don't have time to experiment with things that did not work. Focus on what has.

Find a community of people who have a common interest and goals as you do. I believe the best communities out there are the ones who are invested into increasing their members knowledge and abilities. If you join a community and don't like it then move on. I tried 5 or 6 communities before I found Growth Day. And Growth Day is where I am staying.

We are humans; not trees. We have the ability to stand up and move if where we are is no longer making us happy. We become different version of ourselves every time we decide to change our lives.

So stand up, move, and try again.
You are not a tree. 
What to do to finish this step: 
Remind yourself that you are not a tree.
Do This Daily (if needed)
This my hypothetical 2021 plan. To learn, try, fail, and grow.

This I know for sure:
2018: Broke Me.
2019: I choose to stand back up.
2020: I started to move.
2021: I began to build my foundation

2022 is going to be the year where
I turn my light into a bonfire.

What will you do with it?

I am 1% Crazy NOT 99% Lazy

- Rebecca Scott

Always Be Learning

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