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WHO is the One Funnel Away Challenge For??

It is for anyone and everyone who has a message, a product, a service the world needs.

It's for all business types.

It's for influencers and bloggers.

It's for professional service providers.

It's for eCommerce and brick and mortar.

It is for coaches and consultants.

It is for eService providers.

It is for anyone who has something the world needs and is willing to step-up and do the work.

Get Onto The Next Challenge Starting VERY SOON!!

 What is GrowthDay?

GrowthDay is a new community for personal development and growth. Created and hosted by Brendon Burchard, the author of High Performance Habits. 

There are live coaching calls every Tuesday and Thursday by one of the GrowthDay coaches. It's not Brendon Burchard every time.

Brendon has his live coaching call the first of every month for 2 hours.

 Is this only for Entreprenuers/coaches/influencers?


GrowthDay is for anyone and everyone who wants to improve their lives in all ways.

Not only can you change your personal life but also your professional life. No matter if you are a stay-at-home parent or a CEO or still trying to figure out your life you can benefit GrowthDay if you are willing to do the work.

 Is this "Life Changing"?

It all depends on YOU.

If you want to change you life for the better, achieve more, live a life you are proud of, feel alive everyday, and reset your boundaries everyday then a membership to GrowthDay will change you life.

GrowthDay all ready has changed my life. I've changed the way I see things and how I control my emotions. I have learned that my reactions and actions do affect outcomes. I have learned that I need to keep myself accountable to myself. I have learned that I have to work on what I want everyday in order to be able to achieve it. I have learned that it is okay to have bad days and it is really good to take days off from media. That is just some of what I have learned.

If you do the work the coaches suggest and ask you to do. Your life will change.

You can't change if you don't start moving. So get up, unplug the TV and go.

Do How Much Time Do I Need?

Most of the coaching calls are around 1 hour. The longest they do go is 1.5 hours.

Brendon's coaching is on the 1st of every month and is 2 hours.

 How Long Is A GrowthDay Membership?

You can choose between a full year or monthly memberships.

A GrowthDay membership is for a full year at $299US


You can try it out for 14-days. Then pay for $49US per month.

 How Much Does GrowthDay Cost?

GrowthDay costs $299US for a year OR $49US per month.

 Do I Need To Buy Anything Else (Are There Any Hidden Costs)?

No. There are no hidden costs.

Almost every coach will recommend books though. There is no requirement for you to buy any book/product they recommend.

You can upgrade to VIP which gives you access to more of Brendon Burchard's training, training from other personal development coaches, a Zoom link for live calls, and the opportunity to ask a question in the live calls.

 What if I can't make the LIVE training?

No worries!

Replays of all of the training are available around 24 hours after the Live call. BTW I miss most of the lives due to my work schedule. So you're not alone if you have other commitments.


Daily Fire. A daily motivational message and lesson from Brendon Burchard. 

Replays. Replays of every training is available.

Training Summaries. Brendon's team puts a PDF summary together after every training.

Journal. You have access to a journal you can freely write in or use a prompt to start writing with.

Planner. You can plan out large or small project or a shopping list.

Life Assessment tool. Daily, weekly and monthly assessment of your life based on the habits of high performers Brendon Burchard found from his years of research and training. These assessments can help you identify areas of your life you need to work on.

and more.

 Is there a trial for GrowthDay? 


There is a 14-day free trial. Afterwards you can either pay US$49.99 per month or $US299.99 for a year. Or you can sign up for limited access for US$37.99 for one year (no access to the live training or replays). 

 Do I have to watch every training.


You can watch them all or only the trainings by your favourite coach(es). Each month has a theme that sets the topic for the months trainings. All of the coaches will give their different perspectives, tools, and ideas on the topic. With the variety of coaches every month is like a masterclass on a topic.

 Do I Need a Zoom account?

No. Trainings are streamed on to the community website and app.

If you upgrade to VIP. You get access to GrowthDay trainings through a Zoom link and you are given the opportunity to ask a question live on the training. 

 Is this Facebook or YouTube based?


Brendon Burchard had a dedicated membership website built for broadcasting the live training.

(There are no distracting ads or friend updates.) Yes there is a comment panel for you to use and connect with other members.

 Any Little Known Insider Tips?

Every live session has a replay posted usually within 24 hours.

There is summary and notes document for every replays.

Each month has its own theme. (Past themes: Confidence, Focus and Discipline, Advance Mindset and Resilience, Wellness, Relationships, Leadership.)

There is an GrowthDay App overloaded with amazing extras.

If you really want real change in your life. You have to do the work. Do the homework each coach suggests. Commit to yourself to do it. 
You cannot change your life if you do not start moving.

 Anything Else I Need For The Challenge Other Than the Obvious Internet Connection?

  • Some way to take notes
  • Attention. It is kid friendly (very very limited swearing). Get them involved if they keep interrupting you!
  • Be willing to learn, work, try, and invest in yourself
  • ​You have to do the work

WHY? Join GrowthDay?

The world needs YOU not more of someone else.
You can't change the world if you don't keep moving ahead.

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