Frequently Asked Questions For Funnel Hacking Secrets
Discover The Answers To Why, How, When and More About the:
Funnel Hacker Secrets Webclass
WHO is the
Webclass For?

It is for anyone and everyone who has a message, a product, a service the world needs.

It is for anyone who doesn't know what a funnel is

It is for anyone who has doesn't have a product yet

It is for anyone who needs more traffic to their online locations.

It's for all business types.

It's for influencers and bloggers.

It's for professional service providers.

It's for eCommerce and brick and mortar.

It is for coaches and consultants.

It is for eService providers.

It is for anyone who has something the world needs and is willing to step-up and do the work.

Frequently ASKED Questions About the
Funnel Hacking Secrets Webclass

Do I Need A ClickFunnels Account to Understand the Webclass?


This webinar is for any entrepreneur, small business, service provider, brick and mortar store owner. Who wants to know how to better sell their products. You do not need to have a ClickFunnels account.

Do How Much Time Do I Need?

You will need 90-minutes to watch the webinar.

Put your devices into do not disturb mode. Log out of email and social media. Give this webinar the attention it deserves. This is the best webinar Russell has ever done. It is worth your attention.

 Why Can I Trust Russell Brunson

Russell Brunson is a leader, teacher, and entrepreneur who is humble and delivers on what he says he is going to do.

He does not dabble or hold back. If he thinks you need something to help you deliver to your customers he will give it to you. Unlike other coaches and webinar hosts he doesn't say he's going to teach you something that you need to be successful where you are right now and leave you hanging. He teaches you what you need in the order you need to learn it.

Russell Brunson the co-founder of ClickFunnels which has helped over 1000 business owners earn a 2-Comma Club Award with their software, but more importantly with their community that cares and helps each other.

Russell is a best selling author who has been featured on: Forbes, Inc 500, CBS, abc, Entrepreneur, and more.

 Is The Webclass Live?

No. It is a recording. BUT it is not your typical webinar.

 Do I Need A Product(s) or Service(s) Ready To Sell?


This webclass is for anyone at any stage of business.

Especially those who are just starting, need to learn how to better sell their product, or how to find more traffic. Or all three.

 Does Russel Teach What He Says He Is Going To Teach?


Unlike other webinars out there Russel delivers on everything he says he is going to teach you.

He also doesn't use the techie marketer or website builder language. When ever he does come to a concept that he knows not every understands he slows down and explains it.

 Do I Need To Know What A Funnel Is?


What a sales funnel is explained in the webclass. 

 Do I Need A Website to Understand the Webclass?


This webclass is for anyone at any point in their online marketing career. From beginners to those needing to know how to find customers.

 How much does the webclass cost?

This webclass is free. No hidden fees to watch.

 What Happens If I Register BUT Miss It Or Have To Go Do Something Else?

Replay links will be emailed to you. Or you can sign up again.

 What Does It Mean By "Almost Backwards" Marketing Secret.

Russell explains that in the webclass.

 Anything Else I Need For The Webclass?

  • Some way to take notes.
  • Attention. It is kid friendly (no swearing). So get them involved if they keep interrupting you!
  • Be willing to learn, work, and invest in yourself.
  • ​Read (or listen to) the Dotcom SecretsExpert Secrets, and Traffic Secrets books (you can get them for FREE if you pay for the shipping) 
    *NOTE* You don't need to read the books to understand the webclass but you really should read them.

Ok. So All of My Questions Are Answered Except For:


WHY? Watch the Funnel Hacker Secrets Webclass?

The world needs YOU not more of someone else.

  • Learn how to communicate your ideas and products to the world.
  • ​Learn how to "Funnel Hack"
  • Learn where to start looking for your customers.
  • ​Learn how you can funnel hack in any industry selling anything.
  • ​Learn how to build a website that will not confuse your customers.
  • ​Learn how to become a loud voice in any market.
  • ​Because You're Willing To Do The Work And Know Your Success Depends On Your Efforts

Always Be Learning

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