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WHO is the One Funnel Away Challenge For??

It is for anyone and everyone who has a message, a product, a service the world needs.

It's for all business types.

It's for influencers and bloggers.

It's for professional service providers.

It's for eCommerce and brick and mortar.

It is for coaches and consultants.

It is for eService providers.

It is for anyone who has something the world needs and is willing to step-up and do the work.

Frequently Asked Questions About TWO COMMA CLUB LIVE.

 How long is the event?

Two Comma Club Live is a 3-day virtual conference.

These are full three days. Just like an in-person conference.

 What is Two Comma Club?

Two Comma Club is an award for ClickFunnels members who have earned $1,000,000 or more in sales through one sales funnel.

The purpose of the virtual conference is to help you put together a plan to earn your 2 Comma Club Award.

Is this only for ClickFunnels Members?


It is for anyone and everyone.

Two Comma Club Live is for ClickFunnel members of all experience levels and for those who have never heard of ClickFunnels before or are still on the fence on choosing to use ClickFunnels. 

You do not need a ClickFunnels account to attend the virtual conference. It is for anyone who wants to devote 3-days to putting a plan together from proven strategies to earn the life they have been dreaming of. 

 I'm working/have commitments when Two Comma Club LIVE is happening BUT REALLY WANT TO BE THERE?!

There is an option to pay up front for the event and you get access to the replays for a limited time after the conference is over.

 Are all the training/sessions live?

YES and NO.

Some presentations are filmed. They are previous presentations done at other ClickFunnels' live events. Most are from previous Funnel Hacking Lives.

 How Long Are The Days?

You will be told how long, times, and more before the virtual conference starts. Most days are 8 hours long and start at 9AM Pacific.

 How Much Does It Cost?

Two Comma Club LIVE costs $197US after it is over. You can watch all of the conference then decide if you want to pay.

There is an option to pay upfront at $147. If you choose this option you get access to replays.

 Is there any chance to interact with other attendees?


Throughout the conference there will be "break-out rooms" where you can do mini-assignments with other attendees and get to talk with them.

 Do I have to attend a breakout room?


If you don't want to participate in a breakout room you don't have to. It is your choice.

 Is this family friendly?


All presentations are for anyone.

 Is Two Comma Club Live the same as Funnel Hacking Live?


Two Comma Club Live is designed to give you everything you need to put your plan together to earn your Two Comma Club Award.

Funnel Hacking Live is ClickFunnel's capstone annual event with all live presentations and networking events. Along with exclusive ClickFunnels Swag and updates.

At Funnel Hacking Live, ClickFunnels presents the winners of: 
  • 2 Comma Club: Earn $1,000,000 in sales in one funnel
  • 2 Comma Club X: Earn $10,000,000 in sales in one funnel
  • 2 Comma Club C: Earn $25,000,000, $50,000,000, $75,000,000 and $100,000,000 in sales in one funnel
  • 2 Heart Award: Donate $1,000,000 to charity from sales through a funnel
  • Dream Car Award: Have 100 or more sign-ups for a ClickFunnels account through your ClickFunnels Affiliate account.

 What Happens After The Virtral Conference is Over?

It is all up to you. No matter if you paid for the replays or for the option to pay later if you want to.

It is now your time to get to work with the knowledge, ideas, connections, inspiration, and more that you got from the virtual conference.

 Any Little Known Insider Tips?

EVERY session is worth your attention and time. They all have valuable advice and ideas. Even if you have seen or heard the presentation before.

Just before the conference starts, you'll receive a digital workbook for each day of the virtual conference.

 Anything Else I Need For The Challenge (Other Than the Obvious Internet Connection)?

  • Some way to TAKE NOTES.
  • ATTENTION. It is kid friendly (no swearing). So get them involved!
  • BE WILLING to learn, work, try, and invest in yourself.
  • ​READ (or listen to) the Dotcom Secrets, Expert Secrets, and Traffic Secrets books.
    *NOTE* Whether you do or do not do the challenge you should read the books.

  Register Today! You Don't have to pay until after the event!

Ok. So All of My Questions Are Answered Except For:


WHY Attend Two Comma Club Live?

The world needs YOU not more of someone else.

  • Learn how to communicate your ideas and products to the world.
  • Learn how to build an offer that will over-deliver.
  • Learn where to start looking for your customers.
  • Find ideas that might just get you to the Two Comma Club.
  • ​Be taught by people who care about your success. But you still have to do the work!
  • ​Learn how to become a loud voice in any market.

I Have No Idea of What I can Sell, why Should I do the challenge?

If you're like me. You know you're capable of more but have no idea what to sell, how to sell, or where to start. 

Good News. You've just found your starting line.

Sign-up to be an affiliate for ClickFunnels and take a leap of faith onto the affiliate marketing road. This is how I'm learning how to sell while taking pressure off me from trying to put a product together.

Don't know what to sell or how to sell.
Sell someone else's products.

The best and fastest way to learn how to be an affiliate marketer is to go through the Affiliate Bootcamp and do the One Funnel Away Challenge.

  Register Today! You don't have to pay until after the event!
[and only if you got value out of it]

Always Be Learning

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